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Why Doesn’t My Dog Chew Their Food

Dog Does Not Chew

As a dog owner, you’re always looking out for your do to make sure they are healthy or getting into things they shouldn’t be. Recently you may have noticed that your dog doesn’t usually chew their food and swallows it whole without chewing. This normally happens because your dog is eating their food in a hurry which can be detrimental to their health. But there are many reasons your dog is always in such a rush to finish their food.

It is important that you establish the cause of the problem so that you can mitigate it as soon as possible. My dog used to have this habit and I got so worried and I asked my vet and did some research to come up with why my dog was not chewing and was just swallowing its food whole!

Why Your Dog Doesn't Swallow Their Food

Why Does My Dog Swallow Whole

Pack Mentality

If your dog always thinks that there is some form of competition whenever it is eating its food, it is likely to swallow its food without chewing it. This mostly happens when dogs are out there in the wild. Even if your dog isn’t in the wild we must remember they are animals and they will still have these tendencies that they can not control. Just like my friend’s collie will try herding you when you play with them!

The Nature Of Your Dog’s Teeth

Your dog’s teeth are designed for ripping and tearing meat. Unlike other animals, dogs do not have flat molars that can enable it to chew food for longer periods. Their teeth aren’t built to chew food and they will simply decide to swallow it. This is much different than us humans. Our teeth are built to chew food before swallowing! Next time you get a chance, take a look at how your dog's teeth are pointed and not meant for much chewing.   

Your Dog’s Environment

If you have several dogs at home, your dog thinks that it must fight for food so that it can eat. Your dog may be worried about other dog’s taking their food so they will eat as fast as possible to prevent it from being stolen. In this case, they will not think they have time to chew their food and will swallow it whole. If this is the case, you may want to feed your dogs separately.

What Are The Solutions That You Should Consider?

Ensure That Your Dog Eats an a Relaxed Environment

You should do what you can to make your dog feel like it is not in a hostile place to eat. Make your dog think they have as much time as they need to eat. If you are doing something near your dog and you’re in a rush it can make them feel rushed as well, which would not be a relaxed environment from them. Having a relaxed environment before, during, and after my dog eats has definitely helped in them slowing down when they eat. 

Give Your Dog Larger Pieces of Food

The size of your dog’s food can help them slow down in eating. Feeding them small pieces of the food makes it much easier for them to just swallow it whole in a few seconds. I’ve begun feeding my dog some carrots or frozen beans mixed in their bowl to put some bigger pieces of food that takes time for them to chew and is also healthy for them!

Use a Plastic Bowl

This is a weird one, but I have found it works! A metal bowl can make a lot of noise which can stress your dog out or make them feel like they aren’t in a calm environment. A plastic bowl is going to reduce that noise and make them feel like they are in a calmer environment. This will relax them and have them eat slower.

Nowadays, my dog usually chews their food before swallowing it. Look into trying these solutions and let me know how they work for your dog!

Have you seen a solution that works? Let me know in the comments

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