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What Dog Treats Are Safe?

Did you know that there was a time when pets have died and gotten ill because of dog treats that were found to be made in China? Although the cause of this epidemic was not exactly determined, many dog owners were alarmed. Many have asked, “What dog treats are safe?”.

As a pet owner, your dog’s health and safety is a top concern. Buying certain dog treats should be made carefully because numerous fake products and imitations are being widely spread. Nowadays, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

It’s not enough for a certain dog food to be made with ingredients you think is safe for your dog. You also need to know where it’s made, what company manufactured it, and a lot more. Aside from this, how often you feed your dog is a factor to your dog’s health, too.

dog treats

To ensure that your pet is getting the right and balanced diet, veterinarians recommend that dog treats should only make up 10% of the dog’s diet. If you’re conscious about your own health, it’s only reasonable that your dog gets a good eating habit, too. So, what dog treats are safe?

Below are some of the guidelines and reminders for you, dog owners, to get your dog the proper dog treats they deserve.

Treats, as well as animals they are made from, in the USA, are highly recommended.

Although the packaging states that the product is made in the USA, this does not really guarantee you that the animals used to produce the dog treat are raised in the USA. Some manufacturers have their own poultry outside the USA, so animals might be raised differently. Different countries have different, conflicting even, safety rules and regulations, which may produce dog foods that have different quality.


To avoid the possible bad effects of products that use ingredients outside of the USA, check if the dog treat you’re about to buy uses “USA-raised” animals. That way, you’ll know that the dog treats are in check with your standards.

Check the ingredients

Just like any other food and beverage packages, dog treats also have an ingredients list found in its packet. Ingredients used and how much of it is used can be found on the nutritional facts list at the back of each packet. Usually, they are listed in order of its significance and quality.

check the ingredients

Ingredients should be stated straightforwardly and easily recognizable. They should not raise your eyebrows and make you question what it is. A good dog treat should have “chicken” as an ingredient and not labeled as “meat meal”.

In addition, organic and natural ingredients are deemed safer, since products of these components are examined more thoroughly and have fewer contaminants. The fresher and purer the ingredients, the better. As mentioned before, it is highly recommended that the ingredients are sourced and grown in the USA.

Ingredients to avoid

We have ingredients to chase after, then we have ingredients to avoid. To give your dog the proper diet it deserves, avoid dog treats that have artificial preservatives and colors. Dog treats that contain chemical humectants should not be found in your cart also.

no preservatives

Artificial preservatives like BHA, BHT, calcium propionate, ethoxyquin, and sodium nitrate should be avoided. For the chemical humectants, the commonly used one is the propylene glycol. Usually, chemical humectants are used to keep dog treats moist and chewy.

Vet-approved treats

I think this one is obvious. Since every dog is wired and has systems differently, ask your dog’s vet to be absolutely safe.  Products that are vet-approved should not make you question its credibility and legitimacy. If you’re skeptical about your dog treats and have any concerns, never hesitate to ask your vet.

Hopefully, this guide on what dog treats are safe helped!

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