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How To Discipline A Dog

One way of training your dog is to discipline him. Teaching him right from wrong is one of the things a good owner should do to develop your dog’s personality. So, knowing how to discipline a dog is essential to any dog owner, especially on his early dog phase so he’ll get used to how you treat him.

But first, when do you discipline a dog? You should act the moment your dog is about to do something that will get him in trouble, or immediately after the deed has been done. Do not wait any longer, since he might not understand why you’re doing what you’re doing to him.

Learning how to discipline a dog can be done in five different methods.

Using a strong expression

Just like disciplining a child, you can also use this strong and forceful expression on your dog. An expression like, “AH AH!” is a very common exclamation when it comes to disciplining your dog. Say it strong enough to get his attention, right before he could do something wrong. You could even combine it with a foot stomp or a loud clap.

strong expression

Once his attention is caught, distract him into doing the opposite. Teach him a good act he should be doing instead.

Using a spray bottle

Fill a spray bottle with water and squirt it whenever it looks like your dog is about to do something bad. Even better, you could pair it with the good old, “AH AH!”.

Unfortunately, this tip may not work on breeds like Labradors or Retrievers, since they love the water. One useful advice is to add a slight amount of vinegar on the spray bottle to add a nasty smell to it.

Using a shaker can

Get an empty soda can and fill it with coins. Then, seal the mouth with tape. You can use this DIY shaker can to startle your dog and catch his attention.

Whenever it seems like the dog is about to do something unpleasant, you can throw this can near him. But, be sure not to hit him. You can also pair it with the “AH AH!” remark for a more effective result.

Isolate him

If your dog seems to be hard-headed, then time-outs might be a good thing in this situation. If any of the methods above does not seem to work, use time-outs to isolate your dog.

isolate him

To do this, you can isolate your dog in the bathroom, or any room for that matter, so he can be by himself without getting into trouble. This should not take more than five minutes, or he won’t understand what he did to deserve such isolation.

Avoid putting him to his “safe” places like crate, his fluffy dog bed, playpen or sleeping area, since this will give him an undesirable memory. Therefore, he might not go in easily the next time he goes into these areas.

Make use of leash corrections

If your dog does not seem to get along with other dogs, giving him a quick leash snap paired with “AH-AH!” might be useful. The leash snap should be enough to get him focused on you long enough and redirect him into something good or positive.

dog leash

Another way to use the leash as a way of disciplining your dog is to clip a long 6-foot leash and let him drag it behind him. This will allow you to give a quick leash snap no matter the distance. Just always make sure that his leash cannot be tangled in something. In addition, this method should strictly be avoided if your dog has access to a balcony or a floor higher than the ground since he might jump off.

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