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  1. I have fed 2 dozen dogs of every breed cooked chicken bones of every sort for 35 years and have NEVER had any problem whatsoever.
    In fact i have never seen the remains of a bone in theirnfeces or seen them have trouble of any kind whatsoever.
    The only dogs i dont feed chicken bomes to are dogs that gulp without chewing(although i wont feed them any other smaller bones either), and intypically avoid throwing them to my dogs while they are in a group and overly excited for the reason that they may gulp them down without chewing in order to get another treat.
    To be honest, i think the chicken bone fear is basically an old wives tale. People choke to death on chicken and on apples but that doesnt mean we ahouldnt eat chicken and apples.

    1. I made the mistake of feeding my (now late) dog chicken bones on a couple of occasions and she puked every time I did. I stopped doing that and all was fine, so I don’t think it is a tale, as I have seen the effects with my own eyes…

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