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How much should I feed my dog

How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

How often you feed your dog depends on how old they are. Feeding your dog with the right amount of food and serving plays a major role in your dog’s development. But, as a dog owner who only wants the best for their dog, you might ask, “How much should I feed my dog?”.Starting from […]

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what dog treats are safe

What Dog Treats Are Safe?

Did you know that there was a time when pets have died and gotten ill because of dog treats that were found to be made in China? Although the cause of this epidemic was not exactly determined, many dog owners were alarmed. Many have asked, “What dog treats are safe?”.As a pet owner, your dog’s […]

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Has Your Dog Eaten Something Toxic? Here Are The Signs

Of all household pets, dogs seem to have a particular penchant for getting up to all sorts of mischief. That includes eating things they shouldn’t!Most people are aware that items like pest control poisons, detergents, and other chemicals are poisonous to dogs. But there are also some “human foods” that can be highly toxic, and […]

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16 Rules That Your Boxer Has Forced You To Follow

My boxer babies are my favorite things in the world and I absolutely love them. The other day I was thinking about everything I’ve taught them, but then I realized how much they’ve been “teaching” me. You’d be lying if you said none of these were true for you  #1: Are you ready for a hike? […]

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Why Does My Dog Get Hiccups (And How to Fix it)

​As humans, we experience hiccups quite a lot of times in our life. It’s a normal bodily function, even though most of us don’t understand why it happens. But there is one thing in common in all of our mentalities: we don’t think hiccups are dangerous or that they indicate something. They just happen.But when […]

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Tips and Advice of Dental Care for Your Dog

Brushing your dog’s teeth serves substantially more than simply keeping your dog’s breath clean, it likewise serves to keep your dog’s wellbeing fit as a fiddle also. Gum illness is genuinely regular in many dogs, as the vast majority don’t even consider brushing their mutt’s teeth. On the off chance that individuals did brush their […]

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