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Has Your Dog Eaten Something Toxic? Here Are The Signs

Of all household pets, dogs seem to have a particular penchant for getting up to all sorts of mischief. That includes eating things they shouldn’t!Most people are aware that items like pest control poisons, detergents, and other chemicals are poisonous to dogs. But there are also some “human foods” that can be highly toxic, and […]

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20 Husky Mixes That Are Incredibly Cute

If you’re like most dog lovers, you probably love Siberian Huskies. You may not like how big they are or how much they shed though. What’s the solution then? How about a mix! There are plenty of husky mixed breeds so I picked out my favorite to share! Huskamute. Husky Malamute Mix Husky isn’t big […]

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4 Tips To Choose Right Outfit For Dog

2 dogs with Sweaters

Pet dogs are ideal companions and help you go through thick and thin. If you own a dog, you owe your furry friend the proper care and unconditional love. For this purpose, you must work on your pet’s requirements and stick to regular grooming sessions. Try to get your hands on authentic and attractive clothes […]

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Tips and Advice of Dental Care for Your Dog

Brushing your dog’s teeth serves substantially more than simply keeping your dog’s teeth clean and refreshing its breath, it also helps to keep your dog’s wellbeing fit as a fiddle. You can of course look for dog teeth cleaning services but these are usually costly.  Gum illness is genuinely regular in many dogs, as […]

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11 Dog Pregnancy Signs

Signs That A Dog is Pregnant

It’s difficult to tell right away when your dog gets pregnant. Just like human females, dogs typically don’t start exhibiting the physical signs of pregnancy until some time in the second trimester. She might be a little extra hungry or throwing up a bit here and there, or she might just be acting a little […]

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16 Rules That Your Boxer Has Forced You To Follow

My boxer babies are my favorite things in the world and I absolutely love them. The other day I was thinking about everything I’ve taught them, but then I realized how much they’ve been “teaching” me. You’d be lying if you said none of these were true for you  #1: Are you ready for a hike? […]

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Why Does My Dog Get Hiccups (And How to Fix it)

​As humans, we experience hiccups quite a lot of times in our life. It’s a normal bodily function, even though most of us don’t understand why it happens. But there is one thing in common in all of our mentalities: we don’t think hiccups are dangerous or that they indicate something. They just happen.But when […]

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