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16 Rules That Your Boxer Has Forced You To Follow

My boxer babies are my favorite things in the world and I absolutely love them. The other day I was thinking about everything I've taught them, but then I realized how much they've been "teaching" me.

You'd be lying if you said none of these were true for you 

#1: Are you ready for a hike? I’m always ready for a hike and I’ll let you know.

Boxer on Hike

#2- I’m gentle and always looking for new friends, take me somewhere to meet them!

Boxer and Deer

#3- Don’t expect me to always stay out of trouble, and don’t get too mad when you catch me. Let me say sorry in advance.

Boxer Couch Destroyed

#4- Don’t torture me in a bath. Water is for drinking only!

Boxer drinking water

#5- I don’t like to be dressed, please leave me naked. I’m happier this way.
Dressed Boxer

#6- I can and WILL fall asleep anywhere I want.

Boxer Sleeping

#7- You need to be home when it thunders. I need someone to protect me from the noises!

Boxer Thunder

#8- No, I don’t need less toys. In fact, I need more.

Boxer and Toy

#9- Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when someone is at the door. Or when someone is walking by the house. Or when a squirrel runs up a tree. Or when the wind blows a leaf.

Boxer looking out window

#10- We always share food, even if it’s just a little bite. (Hint: Try these treats if my breath smells bad)

Boxer licking

#11- When we go on walks, we are going where I want to go, not the other way around!

Boxer and Horse

#12- Belly rubs are required at least once a day, preferably more.

Boxer on back

#13- I always get shotgun when we go out. And open the window when we pull out.

Boxer on hill

#14- I’m allowed to go inside and outside as many times as I want in a day, even if I was just out 5 minutes ago.

Boxer and Goat

#15- No making fun of the faces I make, they're perfectly normal.

Boxer in the snow

#16- I really enjoy our time together, so never leave me alone!

Boxer and kid

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